Fall 2023 Course Offerings
CMED 711 Essentials of Animal Experimentation David Hamilton
Time:2Place:3Duration:1 Credit:2
This course is designed to provide an overview of appropriate and effective use of animals in biomedical research. Topics to be covered include regulatory requirements, biomethodology, principles of experimental animal surgery, postoperative veterinary care, and animal care and use procedures. Emphasis is placed on practical experience with living animals and practice of techniques under anesthesia. No text is required. Scheduling of lecture and laboratory will be done following registration to accommodate other courses and time obligations. (didactic, lecture)
Spring 2024 Course Offerings
CMED 713 Biology and Pathophysiology of Laboratory Animals II David Hamilton
Time:  Thursdays 9-11   Place:     Duration:  Once per week for 2 hrs Credit:  2
Continuation of 712 CMED. Emphasis will be placed on the following species: dogs, cats, sheep, goats, pigs and a variety of nonhuman primates. Rarely used species, such as amphibians, reptiles, fish, avian species, and certain invertebrates will be covered to a lesser degree. Subjects to be covered include the taxonomy, applied anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, genetics, immunology, nutrition, behavior, husbandry, use as an animal model, and in-depth pathophysiology of significant diseases of each species. Laboratory procedures available for diagnosing these diseases will be discussed, including their limitations and how adventitious pathogens disrupt and confound experimental results derived from infected animals. Emphasis will be placed on features that make a particular species uniquely suitable for certain types of research. (didactic, lecture)