Fall 2023 Course Offerings
PDSC 820 Research Methods Dr. Mark Scarbecz
Time:Place:Duration: Credit:1
This course is composed of two sections. The biostatistics portion of this course introduces students to widely used methods for analysis of experimental and observational data with orientation toward statistical inference from dental research. The experimental design aspect of this course serves as an introduction to research, including methods for handling experimental data. (hybrid, seminar)
PDSC 821 Dental Ethics Dr. David Cagna
Time:Place:Duration: Credit:1
Sixteen online modules available through the American College of Dentists identified as particularly relevant to postgraduate dental education and the specialty practice of dentistry will constitute this course. Following completion of online activities, students review modules with individual Postgraduate Program Directors to explore and reinforce ties between ethics concepts learned and specific applications in dental specialty practice. (online, lab)
PDSC 822 Oral Sciences I Judith W McGuire
Time:Place:Duration: Credit:1
This course is designed to provide fundamental knowledge on the development, morphology, histology, neuroanatomy, circulation, and function of basic tissue, and dentofacial structures including the salivary glands, teeth, and the temporomandibular joint. The understanding of this science is essential because it lays the foundation for evidenced-based insight into the form and structure of the orofacial complex. This is a self-study course. Topic handouts are provided electronically for guidance. Reference to the highly recommended reading list is encouraged and advised. (hybrid, lecture)
PDSC 824 Biomechanics and Biomaterials Antheunis Versluis
Time:Place:Duration: Credit:1
Metals, polymers, and ceramics are ubiquitous throughout the various dental disciplines. Providing a high quality of oral healthcare requires basic understanding of the physical response of these materials. To stay informed and exploit contemporary and emerging insights, dental professionals must stay current with the biomaterials literature. The purpose of this course is to gain experience in the critical reading and evaluation of the biomaterials literature. Students will learn basic biomechanical and biomaterial concepts and research techniques, while practicing critical evaluations of the dental literature using selected publications relevant to dentistry and research methodology. After completion of this course, a student should be able to successfully evaluate scientific investigations of dental materials and translate this knowledge to their clinical training with the ultimate goal of improving patient treatment and care. (didactic, seminar)
PDSC 825 Clinical Head and Neck Anatomy Dr. Judy McGuire
Time:Place:Duration: Credit:1
This course presents a detailed study of anatomic structures fundamental to dental specialty training. Emphasis is placed on functional (rather than architectural) relationships as they relate to growth, development, and clinical treatment. Participants review standard texts of anatomy and radiology, and other professional literature, in order to support specialty-specific questions/topics. Instructor will guide discussion, add and source information, present clinical case(s), sample corollaries and questions. Groups, with representatives clinical correlates and imagery. (didactic, seminar)
Spring 2024 Course Offerings
PDSC 823 Oral Sciences II Mustafa K Dabbous
Time:     Place:     Duration:  Credit:  1
This course is conducted by experts in the areas of biochemistry, microbiology, virology, inflammation and immunology, cell biology, and pediatric dentistry and oral biology. Included are lectures on classification, structure, and function of major periodontopathic bacteria, and virulence factors and pathogenesis of oral microbial diseases. Other microbiology topics include bacterial etiology of dental caries and the role of fluoride therapy, fungal diseases, herpes viruses, hepatitis, and HIV. Host defense topics include inflammation, basic principles of immunology, immunologic mechanisms and cytokines in periodontitis and pulpitis, and the clinical significance of immunologic and other research techniques. Additionally, information on the expanded knowledge of physiologic and biochemical principles involved in oral function are covered. Topics are selected to develop an appreciation of the oral cavity and its associated structures as an integral part of a larger functional unit. Lectures in oral biology provide an overview of the role of the extracellular matrix in maintenance of tissue function in health and in oral diseases; wound healing, tissue repair, joint destruction/ TMJ pathology and bone resorption; stem cells and oral tissue regeneration; mesenchymal stem cell therapy; mechanism of oral tissue infection; the role of saliva as a biologic fluid; pulp biology & pathology; pain management in dental practice; the biology of oral cancer progression and tumor markers. (didactic, lecture seminar)
PDSC 826 Advanced Applied Pharmacology Dr. Trevor Sweatman
Time:     Place:     Duration:  Credit:  2
This course is designed to teach dental postgraduate students how to integrate current knowledge of pharmacology into their clinical specialties (i.e., periodontics, prosthodontics, pediatric dentistry, endodontics, and orthodontics). A wide range of drug classifications pertinent to specialty-level dental therapy are addressed. Issues of age-related alterations in pharmacodynamics, the problems of poly-pharmacy, and important drug-drug interactions are illustrated and discussed. The course incorporates self-study through an online instructional instrument and correlative seminar sessions devoted to evidence-based literature reviews covering topics of particular interest to dental specialists. The course is limited to postgraduate dental students currently enrolled in dental residency programs. Participants are expected to already have a basic understanding of pharmacology and pharmacokinetics. (didactic, lecture)
PDSC 827 Oral Diagnostics and Oral Medicine Sarah Aguirre
Time:     Place:     Duration:  Credit:  2
This course covers basic concepts of the various oral diagnostic disciplines and adds current concepts of oral medicine and patient management of common oral and maxillofacial diseases. (didactic, lecture seminar)