Fall 2023 Course Offerings
PFOR 801 Forensic Science Journal Club Murray K. Maarks, PhD, D-ABFA
Time:Place:Duration: Credit:1
An evaluation and discussion of relevant historical and current methodology and trends in forensic dentistry and forensic science (focus choice of faculty). (didactic, lecture)
PFOR 802 Introduction to Forensic Science Murray K. Marks, PhD, D-ABFA
Time:Place:Duration: Credit:2
A survey of the American Academy of Forensic Science forensic specialties and provides basic information on morgue protocols. This course provides the basic medico-legal knowledge and understanding of morgue protocols necessary to perform duties in a medical examiner’s office. (didactic, lecture)
PFOR 803 Radiology Jeffrey W. Peeke, MD
Time:Place:Duration: Credit:2
This course offers the fundamentals of theory and practice that constitute a working knowledge of the radiologic sciences as they apply to general and forensic dentistry. Laboratory exercises will be utilized to develop practical skills in the area of dental radiographic procedures which serve as the foundation for intraoral radiographic image acquisition and interpretation. The course will cover basic principles and anatomy revealed by intraoral and panoramic imaging as well as cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). (didactic, lecture)
Spring 2024 Course Offerings
PFOR 800 Forensic Dentistry Research and Manuscript Murray K. Marks, PhD, D-ABFA
Time:     Place:     Duration:  Credit:  1-6
This course provides postgraduate students with the experience of engaging in dental and related sciences, and to pursue a Masters of Dental Science (MDS) degree in the UTHSC College of Graduate Health Sciences. In this course, students will work on individual research projects under the supervision of an individual advisor experienced in research methodologies and scientific writing. Students will work on the inception, implementation, and submission for publication of a research project with an individual advisor. Student activities include library research, writing a literature review, developing a research protocol, hands-on research, gathering and analyzing data, interpreting experimental results, developing conclusions, and publishing outcomes. Submission for publication of the original research is required. (didactic, research)
PFOR 804 Forensic Odontology I James M. Lewis, DMD, D-ABFO
Time:     Place:     Duration:  Credit:  3
This course is a historical and practical demonstration of the theory and practice in human forensic identification procedures and age assessment methodology. Its aim is to prepare the student to perform human identifications and age assessments in a medical examiner office setting as well as in mass disaster situations. It provides the basic medico-legal knowledge necessary to perform these duties in its application to law and the U.S. legal system. (didactic, lecture)