Hal and Alma Reagan Fellowship Awardees

UTHSC College of Graduate Health Sciences

Students studying the causes of and possible cures for cancer:
2017-18: Rachael Wood
2016-17: Robert Autry and Zongtao Lin
2015-16: Rashid Darbandi
2014-15: Alexander Kristian Diaz and Marcy C. Purnell
2013-14: Abigail Overacre
2012-13: Jin Wang
2011-12: Mohamad Elmeliegy
2010-12: Ethel Pereira
2008-10: John Fisher and Todd Bryant Monroe
2007-09: Zhao Wang
2006-07: Ji Zhang
2005-06: Christy Wilson and Ji Zhang
2004-05: Amy Cline, Yong Zhang, and Christy Wilson
2003-04: Ying Shen, Amy Cline and Yong Zhang
2002-03: Felicia Lewis, M.D., and Ying Shen
2000-01: Brian Bothner, William Valentine, and Shilpa Oak
1999-2000: Brian Bothner, Sizhi Gao, William Valentine, and Zhong Wu
1998-99: Zhong Wu and Sizhi Gao
1997-98: Sourav Ghosh
1996-97: Jian Feng and Sourav Ghosh
1995-96: Jian Feng
1993-95: Robert Fischer and Cynthia Pawlik