Debolina Ganguly

Program: Biomedical Sciences (Cancer & Developmental Biology)

Graduated: Fall 2018

Research title: Molecular Interplay of Chromatin Remodeling Factor BRG1 and Transcription Factor STAT3 Regulates Stemness, Chemosensitivity and Tumorigenicity of Glioma Tumor Initiating Cells

Advisor: Lawrence M Pfeffer

Faculty committee status: Approved

Committee member Program Affiliation
Suzanne J Baker Biomedical Sciences Pathology-St. Jude
Andrew M Davidoff Biomedical Sciences Pathology-St. Jude
Meiyun Fan Biomedical Sciences Pathology
Ronald N Laribee Biomedical Sciences Pathology
Martine Roussel Biomedical Sciences Molecular Sciences-St. Jude